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Why JT Care Service?

JT Care Service

8 Reasons to Choose JTCS

Flexible and Personalised Care Service

We can provide our service anytime as required (minimum of 2 hours/visit applies).  We tailor our service to fulfill our clients’ needs. We can look after a client with a simple request or a client with more complex needs. Even if client’s condition changes in a short period of time, we can adopt our service to fulfill the needs.

Care Service Funded by Home Care Package

JTCS is an approved provider for Home Care Package (NAPS 6807) provided by the Commonwealth Government, so we can provide our service to those who have a Home Care Package (Level 1 to 4). We can also assist our clients who is eligible to apply for a Home Care Package under the care management arrangement.

Low Cost Care Management

For those who need higher level of care or for those whose needs are likely to change in a short period of time, it is important to monitor constantly and manage the services required. JTCS outsources the care management to a care management specialist so we can provide a seamless service to fulfill the needs of our clients.

In-Home Care Instead of Nursing Home

Depending on the health condition, in-home care is more desirable as more time can be spent with family members and friends. Under the care management service option, we could provide an insight into our client’s options and recommend options that are more suitable for the client’s situation. In some cases, cost of having an in-home care works out to be lower compared to moving into a nursing home.

No waiting list

Sometimes it takes a long time before a service can be organised with some agencies. JTCS ensures there are sufficient staff members to meet the demand. JTCS could provide a service within a few days from the time of request, in most cases.

High Quality Service with Highly Qualified Staff

JTCS works with an agency to ensure adequate staff members with good skills and qualifications are acquired and maintained to meet the demand. Most of our staff members have Cert III in Aged Care, AIN or relevant qualification and most of them with over 3 years of experience. Most of the staff members with Cert III or AIN qualification have previous experience as RN overseas. Although they cannot work as an RN in Australia, they can provide a care service with a very high standard.

Good Communication

In the in-home care service, it is essential to communicate with family members, doctors/GPs, relevant government bodies and all the other relevant services required to facilitate and provide a good care service. JTCS ensures good communication is achieved with client’s family members, doctors/GPs and relevant services by setting up a routine call list. We can also communicate with doctors/GPs and relevant services on behalf of a family member under the care management service with Care Pilot.

High Quality Service from Japan

JTCS is a member of Good Time Alliance (an alliance of quality aged care providers in Japan) and regularly shares information about the lastest care service trend. method, training and care management. Japan is the fastest aging country in the world and it employs one of the most advanced aged care service, training, and care management in the world. We reflect relevant information to our service in Australia and incorporate such information to train our staff members and to improve our care service and management procedures.