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Care Management

Care Management

For those who need a higher level of care or for those whose conditions are likely to change in a short period of time, it is important to monitor the needs constantly and manage the care services required. It is also important to communicate with family members, doctors/GPs, relevant government bodies and all the other relevant services required to facilitate a seamless service.

JTCS can provide a care management service to provide seamless services and to fulfil the needs of our clients. JTCS works with a provider which can provide cost-effective care management which means more hours can be allocated to the actual care services.

Example of Care Management:

  • An assessment by a specialist to assess the care services required
  • Applicaton of government funding
  • Communication with GP/doctor and implementation of care plan
  • Creation/suggestion and implementation of care plan
  • Co-ordination of care services (when multiple services are required)
  • Aggregated payment to care services (when multiple services are required)
  • Monitoring and reporting of health condition
  • Future planning
  • Communication and reporting to family members